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2013 Asia will account for the global mobile WiMax market Banbi_jbo
Publisheradmin Release2008-03-09 Read2565times

According to foreign reports, market research firm uniperResearch that in 2013 Asia Mobile WiMax users will be more than 40,000,000, representing the global mobile WiMax more than half of the users.

Juniper's report on a case-by-country analysis of the WiMax technology that is ideal for India, South Korea, Pakistan and Australia's lack of telecommunications services in areas of rapid development.

Various governments plan to help promote the growth of this market. 2013, the world's 802.16e market will reach sales of 23,000,000,000 U.S. dollars.

The author of the report, Juniper analyst HowardWilcox said: "We expected to be fixed and portable services, the initial demand, mobile WiMax applications will be developed. 802.16e is a flexible platform that can be used in three models . "

2013, Asia accounted for mobile WiMax for mobile broadband user base of the median ratio is 1. For this new platform, this will be a huge success.

However, the report warned that the availability of appropriate equipment and a permit is authorized to decide WiMax technology in Asia and the world an important factor in the success.

Wilcox said mobile WiMax equipment is based on the technology can be used in mobile phones, notebook computers, data cards and media players and other types of consumer electronics products. The lack of available products on the market will hinder the acceptance of this technology. In the coming year, India, Japan and Thailand and other countries in the region will auction the license to operate the technology. Issuance of permits in a timely manner will help to speed up the growth of the market.

Juniper Research report predicted that in 2013 the global mobile WiMax will be more than 80,000,000 users. Japan, South Korea and the United States is leading the market.

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