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Telecom completed 25,000 WiFi hot spots_jbo
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A trend toward wireless communications hit the consumer. It is reported that China Telecom has announced the area, starting next month, a number of cities in the country will begin to test the commercial WiFi phone, by the end of large-scale launch. This means that, in any set of WiFi hotspots in the region, as long as users have a WiFi phone, you can achieve anytime, anywhere wireless Internet access. WiFi phones is about to enter the terminal of the times.

China Telecom vigorously cloth WIFI points

It was reported that China Telecom is being vigorously carried out the WiFi cloth points, 21 in the southern province has done a WiFi deployment, planned to be completed by the end covers 25,000 hot spots. It is learned that Shanghai has been building 3,000 hot spots, Guangdong completed 1,400 WiFi hotspots (as of May), Wuhan covers 500 hot spots venues (by the end of April), Zhejiang completed by the end of 8000, Jiangsu province has laid more than 8,000 Access point, at the end of this year, Nanjing plans to build 8,000 access points. There is no doubt that after the completion, WiFi hot spot coverage, will be greatly expanded.

Users, WiFi strong business development. By the end of March of this year's conference results, China Telecom Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Wang Xiaochu said, WiFi business has nearly 800 million users. China Telecom's WiFi as a key strategic product, even though its overall construction plan has not publicly disclose the details, but according to published H3C share is estimated that China Telecom plans to deploy hot spots could be as high as 100,000, covering Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang and so on Nearly 30 cities nationwide wireless building.

I know that in the Yangtze River Delta region, China Telecom broadband users account, in the Yangtze River Delta area can be covered by the local WiFi hot spots free Internet access, with China Telecom WiFi hot spot coverage of the expansion of an account in the future in different places around the country to achieve Internet will soon become a reality.

At present, convenient and low-cost WiFi wireless access has become a global mainstream and become a city of beautiful scenery. Wireless Beijing Olympic cities during the free use of our wireless will be more urban construction to a climax. At the same time, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other economic areas also, without exception, will be included in the wireless city development plan. So far, China has entered a speed wireless construction phase. With China Telecom WiFi cloth point of continuous improvement can be predicted that wireless communications will be the future trend of communication.

WIFI mobile phone users will have a tremendous attraction

China Telecom will use the WiFi + CDMA portfolio with low-cost national wireless network coverage, at the same time, integration of CDMA and WiFi to home users to provide better, "my e" services. However, China Telecom is not just the building of WiFi Internet access, mobile phone has been reported that the mobile phone games, MMS, and so are its mobile business goals.

It is understood that China Telecom WiFi network of domestic construction projects in the first half of this year have all been transferred pass, the user can take account has WiFi coverage in the region to use laptop wireless Internet access. WiFi its international roaming, interoperability verification work has been done in March this year, including iPod, PDA, Smartphone, and other clients, business functions, such as roaming.

Shenyin Wanguo, an analyst Tang Mingjun pointed out, WiFi networks over mobile networks, with high-bandwidth transmission and network construction costs low absolute advantage, but poor mobility, as well as limited coverage, and CDMA mobile networks, covering a wide range of However, narrow bandwidth, high capital costs, the use of the advantages of CDMA and WiFi complementary and optimal distribution of the characteristics in order to achieve nationwide low-cost seamless wireless broadband network coverage.

H3C wireless products, said Minister Wang Yuchen, compared with China Telecom in terms of the absolute superiority of its greatest advantage lies in its population in the area, using high-density layout hot spots, smooth speed Internet access.

Now, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are gearing up, want to cooperate with China Telecom to step up the development of CDMA + WiFi phone. At present, ZTE, and other manufacturers have introduced a number of its prototype. Market analysts believe that once China Telecom to launch WiFi phone, users will have a tremendous appeal.

Wireless communications will become the trend

WiFi phone has become the mobile communications industry trend of fashion, personal consumption of new trends in communications. First of all, WiFi radiation is far below the phone radiation on human health threat to small, more importantly, the mobile phone and Bluetooth technology, WiFi greater coverage and higher transfer rate. Internet access in its rate of approximately 2 trillion or so, the theory can reach a maximum speed of 11 trillion, much higher than the rate of the general home-based broadband cable.

Secondly, WiFi mobile VoIP Internet phone can function as long as users are in airports, hotels, restaurants, office space, such as family or any of the WiFi coverage area, free of charge or at low rates of domestic or international dial long-distance calls.

Third, many mobile phone terminals also feature WiFi support. Overseas, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Dopod brand, such as the number of mobile phones not only have the function, but also become the standard mobile phone. Including up-to-date listing of the iPhone mobile phone, is no exception. According to In-Stat statistics authority, a new smart phone, 58% are equipped with WiFi wireless Internet functions. Including Apple, Sony and other well-known manufacturers have been able to support the launch of WiFi wireless Internet access for portable products.

In addition, WiFi is the standard in most notebook computers. Lenovo Singapore Senior Director, CAI Qi said: "WiFi is the best embodiment of mobility, you do not need cable with a cable running everywhere, you can access, we have seen on the market today, more than 90% of all WiFi, which We are all computers made WiFi reasons. "

Internationally renowned market research firm Infonetics Research in its "mobile phones and WiFi phone users and studies," said the 2007 global WiFi phone shipments in the past year, 358,000 to 682,000 increase, the growth rate of more than 190%. From 2007 to 2010 between, WiFi phone sales growth will reach 1300 percent.

The city has been the first step in bringing a taste of the convenience of wireless communications. In Shanghai, 3,000 people through wireless hot spots, the realization of mobile Internet access, want to "surf"; in Hangzhou, more than 1,000 on-street parking Taiwan POS function through the wireless network equipment, real-time data will be sent to the back parking system Just to let people dial a telephone query, you can quickly find free parking spaces.

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