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Hong Kong official license auctions WiMAX wireless access_jbo
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October 5, Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority of Hong Kong issued a formal broadband wireless access (BWA) license auction rules, the frequency of 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz; minimum spectrum utilization fee for each 5MHz spectrum 25,000,000 Hong Kong dollar, the successful bidders have to A one-off payment of spectrum utilization fee, and granted a license to five years.

WiMAX licenses issued in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority did not clear the spectrum auction for the technical standard, but the industry is generally believed that this is the issuance of WiMAX license, WiMAX is also more suitable for wireless access (BWA) technologies for fixed and mobile customers with a variety of A broad region of high-speed wireless data services.

Hong Kong Director-General of Telecommunications Marion Lai said that although the last auction CDMA2000 less enthusiastic about, but according to the initial consultation, the market's reaction to the BWA than CDMA2000 better; WiMAX and CDMA2000 difference is technology neutral, giving operators more The development of flexibility.
     Xia Yong, deputy director of the right to explain that if the operators to bid for 5MHz of spectrum, it is more appropriate for the provision of fixed network services, and the use of LTE and WiMAX technology, you need to be more appropriate for the 40MHz; but only the maximum bid for the 30MHz, the provision of services is no problem , But it can not reach the highest speed.

The total value 975,000,000 HK

This is the first time through the Internet platform for the spectrum auction. At the same time by several rounds of price auction, all 12 bands will be many rounds of the auction for auction at the same time. Each band of spectrum utilization fee will select the highest bid.

Hong Kong's Telecommunications Authority will be held on October 27 on the auction industry briefing will be held on December 15 and 16 to apply for auction. If successful sale of all the spectrum, the government will be available to a total of 975,000,000 Hong Kong dollar revenue.

The auction will be held in January 2009, a total of 195MHz wireless spectrum auction can be divided into 12 bands, each band bandwidth from 5MHz ~ 30MHz range. Access to new operators and fixed network operators can participate in the bidding, each bidder can bid for any combination of the band, can bid for spectrum for the maximum 30MHz.

Further market competition

At present, a total of 6 Hong Kong mobile operator, operator 4 WCDMA network and a CDMA EV-DO's 3G network, 10, as well as 2G networks; in October last year, PCCW-HKT Telephone as the only bidder, the successful bidder in Hong Kong The fifth 3G license (CDMA2000 EV-DO standard), the price for the Hong Kong SAR Government to pay for 76,000,000 Hong Kong dollar spectrum utilization fee, and submitted to the Office of the Telecommunications Authority 150,000,000 of the Hong Kong dollar performance bond. In addition there are the Hong Kong fixed-line operator 11, an operating business, fixed wireless operators.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has a population of only 6,980,000, in the WiMAX license issuance, there has been a total of 17 operators in the telecommunications market competition.

Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority spokesman said: "The government decided to allocate spectrum for wireless broadband wireless access to carry out services in order to maintain Hong Kong's position as a leading wireless city. Application of technology will enable the public to have access to advanced high-speed wireless and fixed Mobile services. "

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