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WAPI out more domestic wireless standards to be unified_jbo
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802.11n wireless and in the city of light to cover up, we WAPI has been neglected for a long time. However, WAPI has not stalled, on the one hand, continue to apply to become an international standard, on the other hand, the industrialization of WAPI continued to push forward on the road. Olympic Games before and after the outbreak of a concentrated period of time, can be seen as WAPI to the industry to hand over a report card.

Especially in this Olympic Games wireless applications, including bird's nest, water cubic six Olympic cities of more than 40 venues to deploy nearly 2,400 Taiwan WAPI wireless access point, each of the AP use dual-mode work. Reporters have access to the Internet or visit the Info Olympic information system should be adopted based on the WAPI wireless network technology to achieve. During the run of the Olympic Games also indicated that the first large-scale commercial deployment of the WAPI has stood the test.

As soon as the end of the Olympic Games, came to Intel Centrino in the third quarter of the full support of WAPI. Just four years ago, the chip giant has also criticized the poor performance of WAPI, said the current technical standards for at least a generation behind, but now they want to declare their standards into the Centrino. This reflects the respect for foreign manufacturers to increase the acceptance of WAPI; On the other hand, domestic WAPI Industrial development momentum of foreign companies also can not be lightly. WAPI Industry Alliance in the promotion, support WAPI's domestic equipment manufacturers continue to increase, especially in July this year, the first WAPI / GSM dual-mode hand-held terminals will be issued as a landmark. In addition, WAPI Industrial Alliance has also brought together to exchange WLAN, mesh network products, mobile products, as well as the standards and norms have done a great deal of work, organization and members of the unit in Beijing and Shenzhen opened the two WAPI network model. Can say that, WAPI away from large-scale commercial operations have been getting closer.

The wireless cities WAPI Industry Alliance is the next target, the current coalition has a number of cities with the department in charge of contacts, hoping to intervene in the WAPI wireless city plan. In fact, Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenzhen and other places of the urban construction of wireless devices are used to support WAPI agreement. However, the use of "Wi-Fi + WiMAX" way to deploy a wireless hot spot operators and a few cities. And where the majority of the individual users and business users, the vast majority are based on the use of Wi-Fi technology to build wireless network equipment.

In this case, the domestic wireless standard for certain norms is necessary. In fact Wi-Fi and WAPI is not entirely the opposite Yuanjialuzhai standards, we WAPI in April this year to restart the application of international standards on the description, will be able to see the relationship between the two: "in April 2008, the ISO / IECJTC1/SC62008 plenary session in Geneva, pointed out that the Chinese side in the IEEE 802.11i has become international standards, WLAN security is still facing a serious threat, should seriously consider WAPI into the international standards in order to resolve this problem. This, IEEE also Agreed to this. Finally, SC6 meeting to form a resolution to restart the WAPI as an international standard. "

Link: Intel and WAPI

In March 2004 announced that Intel does not support WAPI, does not produce any support WAPI products

March 2007 the former Ministry of Information Industry to urge support for Intel's WAPI as an international standard, the U.S. side to honor the Sino-US Joint Commission on Commerce and on the commitments made

In August 2008 related to the industry, according to sources, Intel has committed to the relevant authorities, Centrino will be in the third quarter of 2008 the full support of the WAPI

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