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 CDMA, GSM antenna >> Parabolic antenna >> D800P23W180  
Description of products£º
Application£ºdeveloped for repeater site configurations.
Ideal for repeater site managing link with mother cell, narrow beam helps accurate selection of the mother cell, 20dB side lobe level gives good neighbor distinction
Main parameter£º
 Frequency Range (MHz)
 Gain (dBi)
824~890 MHz
870~960 MHz
 Beam width
 < 1.4
 F/B (dB)
 Max Power(W)
 Impedance (¦¸)
 Isolation between ports(db)
 < 20
 cross polarization (dB)
 > 27
 Max wind velocity(km/h)
 Diameter (mm)
 Weight (kg)
Mechanical tilt

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