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WAPI out more domestic wireless standards to be unified [2008-03-09] (Read3163times)
WiMAX broadband industry development and application of scenarios to explore [2008-03-09] (Read3805times)
2013 Asia will account for the global mobile WiMax market Banbi [2008-03-09] (Read2564times)
Telecom completed 25,000 WiFi hot spots [2008-03-09] (Read5509times)
WiFi portable phone into the mobile Internet market, colleges and universities [2008-03-09] (Read2348times)
Hong Kong official license auctions WiMAX wireless access [2008-03-09] (Read3274times)
WiMAX in the near future China can not become a standard communication [2008-03-09] (Read2228times)
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