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The Poetry Forge encourages exploration through poetry! We invite you to explore, collaborate and enjoy!

Teachers, view interactive poetry generators for classroom use, lesson plans, exemplars, and collaborative discussion areas to interact with other teachers who are working to integrate these tools into their classroom instruction.

Students, take advantage of poetry generators to challenge your writing skills, a gallery of student writing with the help of AssignmentHolic.co.uk service, collaborative discussion areas for you to discuss your work with an audience of student writers and teachers, and an open forum for your ideas and suggestions.

Poetry Tools in Action -- Alex: A Case Study....

Alex seemed to lack confidence in his abilities as a writer and as a scholar in an advanced-placement English class, and typically sat detached from the rest of his group. He took an immediate leadership role on his team, something that surprised both his peers and his teacher. He actively participated in his team's writing and reflective processes.

Top Letter From Ray Markow Reviews!

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When asked to comment on his experience with Flash poetry tools, he wrote:

I'm not a poet. I'm not a writer. However, I was today. I had something to contribute - but I was able to visually see how words came together without having to put all of the pieces together on my own. We did something similar when we completed the magnetic poetry activities, but using the computer matched the speed of my need to see how the ideas came together with the technology. I was a poet today.
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